Technic: main benefits of Die Casting Process

Die casting is a popular manufacturing process for casting metal products. Aluminum die casting is most popular among all the die castings.

In the process of high pressure die casting(HPDC), molten aluminum is forced at high speed and pressure into a steel die, subsequently cooled, resulting in a raw casting. Due to the short die-filling times, this procedure allows the production of large-volume, thin-walled components in mass serial production. In general, HPDC is used to produce engine parts, transmission housings, led light housings, or other components in different industries.

The process is best suited for fast production of bulk aluminum parts. The main benefits of the die casting process include: 

* High quality: Parts made through die casting show a long lifespan and precise dimensions.

* High reliability: Good and exceptional uniformity of mass-produced parts.      

* Quick production: Die cast tooling requires minimal maintenance.

* Versatile design: Die casting can create virtually any size, part geometry, surface texture or luster.

* Various surface finish: Die casting parts can do anodizing, polishing, shot-blasting, sandblasting, powder coating, painting, chromate conversion, etc. 

* Good machining performance: Minimal and easy post-production and precise machining.

* Minimal assembly: Assembly features such as studs, drill holes and bosses can be integrated into mold design. 

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