The differences between die casting mould and injection mould
1. The injection pressure of the die-casting die is big, so the template is required thicker.
2. The gate of the die casting mould is different from that of the injection mould, and sprude spreaders are needed to split the pressure of high speed liquid flow.
3. The cavity of dies needs to do nitriding treatment to avoid the alloy to adhere the cavity inside.
4. Compared with the injection mould, the die casting mould has the bigger gap clearance between the moving part(such as the sliders), because the high temperature in the die casting process will cause thermal expansion. If the gap is too small, the die will be trapped to unmoved. 
5. The parting line matching surface of the die casting mold is more precise, because the fluidity of the alloy is much better than the plastic. If the high temperature and pressure alloy liquid fly out from the parting line, it will be very dangerous.
6. By ejector pins and parting line, the injection mould can exhaust. But for die casting mould, the exhaust grooves and overflow slag collectors must be added, which are necessary for making out complete and qualified parts. 
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