Nowadays, the high pressure die casting process is widely used in many industries including LED lighting industry, electronic telecommunications industry, auto and motorcyle industry, and other machinery industries, especially the aluminum die castings. Nearly 70% of the casting industry is die casting process with aluminum raw material. 
Focus on aluminum die casting for over 20 years, we are doing a very good job for customers. Equipped with 14 sets die casting machines and 43 CNC machines, we can meet the very strict individual requirements of customers. 
 In the beginnin of tooling development, we use mouldflow simulation to optimize our design to the great extent. The pro-E and AutoCAD is applied commonly.
 In addition, we accept the business of sand casting, gravity casting, and other material castings, such as zinc die casting, copper casting, and steel casting etc. with cooperation of our cooperating companies.
The customized CNC machining and Lathe turning parts are also welcome. Our CNC machines and lathes are ready. Our dedicated engineers are also ready to work on your parts.
Besides, sometimes, we will invite some experts to come to discusss and review the drawings,designs and technics inhouse, which brings more guarantee to our production.
By cooperating with our sub-contractors, different surface finish can be available such as painting, electrophoresis, powder coating, trivalent chromate passivation, anodizing, polishing, and so on. The sub-contractors are very experienced in the surface finish industry.
Our customers are mainly from America, Mexico, Japan, Europe. If you need the pressure die casts, CNC or Lathe machining parts, we are your right choice.
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